28.09.2024 | 18:00 | Dzintaru koncertzāle, Mazā zāle

Bach...and not only | Jūrmala, Latvia

Tatiana Chigorskaya, Aleksey Bahir, Kirill Varjas

The concert "Bach... and not only" is a true aesthetic gift for Latvian listeners. The best works of Bach, arranged by composers of different times and eras.

Magnificence and a variety of sounds await the audience on this wonderful evening! Each of us will be able to feel the magic of music that spans centuries and connects generations. It will be an evening filled with unforgettable melodies, brought to life by talented musicians.

The uniqueness of this evening lies in the opportunity to hear how Bach's music transforms through the prism of different styles and eras. Imagine the First Partita or Chaconne enriched with romantic harmonies in R. Schumann's arrangement, arias from the Cantata with jazz accents, or small inventions in playful arrangements. Such a synthesis of classical and contemporary interpretations will create an unparalleled atmosphere and allow you to see familiar works from a new perspective.

Kirill Varjas is a Hungarian cellist who has been restoring and developing the "Old Performers' Art School" for the past ten years. He performs concerts in various countries around the world as a soloist and chamber musician.

Aleksey Bahir is a Latvian violinist, laureate of international competitions, and a professional musician who successfully participates in both classical academic projects and various genres of contemporary music. His mastery and versatility make him in demand on stages both in Latvia and beyond.

Tatiana Chigorskaya is a Latvian pianist, an accompanist of international level, a music educator, an arranger, and the author of various lectures and courses for children about music.

28.09.2024 18:00

Jūrmala, Latvia

Turaidas iela 1, Jūrmala, LV-2015